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Samantha H's 5-star Google review for best Chiropractic in Cary

This is my first experience with a chiropractor but Dr. Atkinson is amazing! I love going to her. I wish I could go forever. She’s always kind, smiling, and helpful. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and puts her patients first! Also her office is so welcoming and relaxing. It feels like a spa. This has been way more rewarding than I imagined it would have been.

Samantha H.
Cary, North Carolina
CFK's 5-star Google review for best Chiropractic in Cary

Dr. Atkinson is The best chiropractor!!! I recently came to her with severe, acute pain from herniated lumbar discs. She helped me immensely in just two treatments!! She took the time to explain my diagnosis, thoroughly considered the best treatment options, is extremely professional, and just plain fantastic!!! With her help & continued treatments, I feel very optimistic about managing my condition naturally. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Cary, North Carolina
Jim T,'s 5-star Google review for best Chiropractic in Cary

After trying several chiropractors over the years for a lower back problem, I discovered the Chropractic Wellness Center. I've been going there for the last three months and have been very impressed with the treatment I have received. Dr. Atkinson is knowledgeable, competent and extremely caring in her approach to chiropractic treatment. I would highly recommend her.

Jim T.
Cary, North Carolina
N W's 5-star Google review for best Chiropractic in Cary

I can recommend Dr. Atkinson to anyone dealing with intermittent or chronic pain. I have seen her for several years now, and recently went to after being in a car accident. She was patient and persistent in working on problematic back and neck pain. She also gave good advice as far as exercises and nutrition to incorporate to facilitate healing. I am finally on the mend. Thank goodness!

Cary, North Carolina
Hannah F,'s 5-star Google review for best Chiropractic in Cary

Dr. Tammy Atkinson treated my severe neck and back pains as a result of a car accident I was involved in. My pain was persistent and at times disabling because I delayed seeking help after the car accident. I felt helpless and never thought I could be pain free before I saw her. Dr. Atkinson was gentle, systematic and patient in her approach. I felt immediate relief every time I saw her. Slowly my pain free periods built up and to my amazement and disbelief, it finally went away completely. She is caring, professional and friendly. I feel very fortunate to have chosen Dr. Atkinson as my Chiropractor. I have since recommended her to a few of my friends and my own family member, who all got very happy results. I would recommend Dr. Atkinson to anyone in need of pain reliefs and posture adjustments.

Hannah F.
Cary, North Carolina
James F's 5-star Google review for best Chiropractic in Cary

I developed lower back problems in 2009. Tammy was extremely helpful from day one. I had been concerned that I would be living in pain for a long time. From the very first treatment till this day, 2013, I've been able to function normally, doing hard physical work. The office is serene and pleasant in every way. Tammy is a very friendly and attentive chiropractor. I highly recommend Chiropractic Pain & Injury Center.

James F.
Cary, North Carolina
Norman B.'s 5-star Google review for  best Chiropractic in Cary

Dr. Atkinson is by far and away the best chiropractor I have ever used. Not only does she spend more time with you than the others I have used, her prices are much more reasonable. She is a perfect example of "you get more for less" !.

Norman B.
Cary, North Carolina
Sandy B.'s 5-star Google review for  best Chiropractic in Cary

I started seeing Tammy when she worked me in on a Friday of a holiday weekend when I had quite a bit of neck stiffness and pain. She used gentle techniques which helped restore the full range of motion in my neck after a few visits. I was initially impressed by not having to wait to see her. You are taken back usually within a couple of minutes of when you arrive. I was also impressed by how much time she spends with her patients at each appointment as she utilizes different techniques to help her patients get the maximum benefit from each treatment. Tammy is very professional, knowledgeable and caring, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking excellent chiropractic care.

Sandy B.
Cary, North Carolina

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