Herniated Disc Recovery Program

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Do you have a herniated disc or disc bulge and are suffering with pain?

Spinal discs are ligaments, and they can be injured by trauma from something like a car accident, a fall, or sports injury. They can tear, herniate, bulge, heal, and be re-injured. Some herniated discs press on nerves and cause radiating pain down one or both legs. Discs can herniate in different directions and press on different tissues and can sometimes cause excruciating pain.

Herniated discs have to be managed carefully, and not all herniated discs require surgery. We have developed a Herniated Disc Recovery Program to help individuals suffering with pain from a disc bulge or herniation.

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In this program we carefully evaluate everything that an individual is doing in their day-to-day life that will affect their disc pain. Many times, an individual will be unaware that certain postures, exercise, sleep positions, and therapies will actually worsen their disc pain. Dr. Atkinson is experienced in helping patients with herniated discs, and she has assisted many patients to recover and get back to the life they enjoy. She has taken many hours of postgraduate education in disc evaluation, management, and treatment from the Academy of Chiropractic. Dr. Atkinson's Curriculum Vitae

Our Process:

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1) Evaluation Process-Objective Testing: We thoroughly evaluate the complete history of your problem. We will perform a spinal examination, with range of motion using dual inclinometers, a biomechanical assessment of your posture and movement patterns, a neurological evaluation, and orthopedic testing.

2) Diagnostic Imaging: If we determine that imaging is needed, we will order the appropriate diagnostic imaging, which could include x-rays or MRIs to determine the cause of your problem. Bring any past diagnostic imaging to your appointment for us to evaluate.

3) Treatment Plan: Based on the results of our findings, we will develop a customized individual treatment plan. This plan will detail the type of treatment you need for your decompression plan. We will identify any lifestyle factors that contribute to your pain. You will learn specific correctional exercises and stretching of tight muscles in your custom treatment plan.

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