Digital Posture Analysis

The Problem

digital posture

Maybe you've started to develop pain in your neck or back from hunching over a smartphone or a desk. Your posture is one of those aspects of health that is easy to overlook, but that can cause you a lot of problems if you neglect it. In fact, if you habitually sit and stand with poor posture for too many years without doing something to address the problem, you will start to feel (and look) older than you really are.

Our Solution:

Our solution begins with a digital analysis of your posture.

This digital postural analysis will accurately measure angles and linear distances of posture displacements and allow us to assist you in making the necessary changes to correct and help you to improve your posture.

You will be prescribed evidence-based customized exercises to help you in correcting your posture. Our assessment along with the customized exercises will help you to learn to maintain good posture. You are less likely to injure yourself accidentally or develop low back pain if your posture is correctly aligned and your core muscles are strong.

digital Posture

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