Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common ailment, affecting nearly 80% of people at some point in their lives, with a higher prevalence among older individuals. The severity of the pain can vary depending on the cause, and seeking neck pain treatment is advisable if it significantly impacts your daily life. If you're experiencing neck pain, reach out to the Chiropractic Pain & Injury Center for an assessment and chiropractic care. Our chiropractor will gently stretch your neck and back muscles to relax the tendons and help alleviate the pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain can stem from various factors, but here are the most common ones:

  • Aging: With age, joint cartilage wears down, reducing the space in your spine and potentially leading to neck pain. That's why individuals aged 40 and above are more susceptible to neck pain than younger individuals.
  • Strain: Engaging in strenuous activities or maintaining poor posture while sitting at the office can strain your back muscles and result in neck pain. It's advisable to avoid strenuous activities to prevent neck pain and minimize the risk of spinal misalignment.
  • Accidents: Neck pain can also be a consequence of injuries sustained in auto accidents, particularly if the surrounding muscles are affected.

How We Treat Neck Pain

When you visit our offices, we will conduct a comprehensive examination to assess the severity of your pain. Our chiropractor will ask you a few questions about the cause, intensity, and duration of your neck pain. Based on your answers, we will develop a suitable chiropractic care plan tailored to your specific needs. Here are some chiropractic adjustments we may utilize for neck pain treatment:

  • Exercise: Engaging in targeted exercises can enhance the flexibility and stability of your back and neck muscles. We will design an exercise regimen appropriate for your condition.
  • Massage Therapy: By applying massage therapy, we can help relax the tight muscles in your neck and facilitate the release of toxins from your body.
  • Cold Laser Therapy: Cold laser therapy is a chiropractic technique that employs low light levels to stimulate healing in the affected area. Our chiropractors may utilize this technique if there is swelling in your neck area. Additionally, we may employ other effective chiropractic adjustments, such as the drop table and activator techniques. Reach out to us today to undergo an evaluation, during which we can determine the best treatment approach for your neck pain.

Contact Us for Neck Pain Treatment in Cary, NC

While it may not always be possible to prevent neck pain, you can effectively manage it through chiropractic care and various techniques. At the Chiropractic Pain & Injury Center of Cary, we are dedicated to helping you regain your health if you're suffering from neck pain. We employ multiple therapies and techniques tailored to your age and the intensity of your pain. We would be pleased to assist you, so contact us today at (919) 439-2539 to receive effective and non-invasive neck pain treatment.


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