Exams and Evaluations


The chiropractic care you receive at Chiropractic Pain & Injury Center is very comprehensive and always tailored to you and your unique history, situation, and goals. When you come in, we’ll set aside 45 minutes for your initial appointment to provide a thorough evaluation of your condition. We will perform a 10-Point Comprehensive Evaluation on your initial appointment and it will include the following items:

1. Detailed history
We will take a detailed history of your current complaint and carefully evaluate your past history. We want to gather all relevant information that may have contributed to your current complaint.

2. Vitals
We evaluate your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse to determine if there are any underlying conditions.

3. Joint Ranges of Motion
Every joint in your body sends important information to your brain about your position in space. We evaluate each joint to evaluate your movement patterns to assess the coordination of the joints as they move together.

4. Manual Muscle Strength Testing
We test the strength, connection, responsiveness among your brain, nerves, and muscles. When we challenge different muscles, we gain information about whether your body and brain adapt quickly to an external force or if there is a breakdown in the kinetic chain.

5. Orthopedic / Neurological Testing
We perform tests specific to each area of the body to understand the health of the nervous system and the role these areas play in the overall state of your health.

6. Postural Examination
We take digital pictures of you from the front, back, and side. We then evaluate the images with our software to analyze your posture and identify any areas of increased stress in your spine and imbalances.

7. Gait Analysis
We evaluate your walking patterns to evaluate your movement patterns and determine if your gait is contributing to any biomechanical problems.

8. Joint Palpation
We will press on the joints of the spine to evaluate areas of tenderness, and to assess for muscle imbalances and increased muscle tension.

9. Global Movement Evaluation
We will evaluate how you move during everyday activities. We will check things like your ability to sit-stand, bend forward, and squat.

10. Chiropractic Specific Testing
We will check for biomechanical imbalances through chiropractic specific testing. This will help us to evaluate spinal alignment.

Additional Testing If Deemed Necessary to Better Evaluate Your Condition:

Diagnostic Imaging: If we determine that imaging is needed, we will order the appropriate diagnostic imaging, which could include:

  • Spinal X-rays or extremity x-rays
  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • A Biomechanical Study using x-ray digitizing.
  • Additional testing that may be ordered if necessary:

  • Nutritional Evaluation
  • Laboratory Panels

Treatment Plan:

Based on the results of our findings, we will develop a customized individual treatment plan. This plan will detail the type of treatment you need to restore your motion as well as reduce your pain. We will identify any lifestyle factors that contribute to your pain. You will learn specific correctional exercises and stretching of tight muscles in your custom treatment plan.


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